Science and Technology is the hope for Brighter Future for Nigeria

Professor Anayochukwu Etonihu, professor of chemistry Nasarawa State University has described science and technology innovations as panacea for creating a bright future for the teeming youths as well as human resources hub on which other resources in any nation revolve. 

He spoke during the 21st inaugural lecture of the Nasarawa State University with the theme “Theme chemical technology and innovation in Nigeria Economy Diversification”. He said, “If Nigeria policy makers and respective governments can effectively harness the talents and energies of its people and responsibly exploit its natural endowments, then the country’s Diversification, growth and development will be a reality.”
He said there is need for continued investment in energy innovation to support sustainable growth adding that focusing on translating innovation investments into results is key to Nigerian economy Diversification. 

He said the government should use the underlying philosophy of culturalization by making Science and Technology a way of life and building a culture of innovation to create a sustainable standard of living for all citizens. He added that some of the challenges of chemical technology and innovations in Nigeria are lack of adequate guidance and counselling and vocational training in the school systems.

Etonihu also indicated that bribery and corruption is a hydra headed monster that has continued to bedevil the nation saying that the menace has caused the greatest harm.
According to him the vice has the many hiccups in public utilities: power, water supply, good road; and taxation, non taxation, and non-accountability. 

He also identified poor governance at all levels at community, local  government, state  and federal as another major challenge Etonihu said development and sharing of new, existing and traditional technologies must be encouraged and  directed towards sustainable production  and consumption patterns with due emphasis on local, culturally appropriate  and low cost technologies “Traditional divides between the natural and Social science and other major stakeholders must be bridged adding that the Science and Technology community should accept its responsibility to improve interaction with other dialogue  partners.

“In the same vein, decision makers should involve professionals including scientists and engineers in dialogues on public policy.”The Science and Technology community has a responsibility for future generations to provide the knowledge and technologies that will enable a long term sustainable future.”

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