NEW NIGERIA PEOPLES PARTY (NNPP) Will reactivate Nigeria economy

National Chairman of the New Nigeria Peoples Party(NNPP) Prof. Rufai Ahmed Alkali said his political party shall restructure and refix Nigerias economy to what it use to be when elected in 2023 to take over from the outgoing administration of  President Muhammad Buhari.  

Making this assertion in  his office in Abuja professor Rufai Alkali Stated that the economy, infrastructure is pivotal to the development of the people of Nigeria and whatever affects the economy affect other sectors of the economy.  

He lamented on the persistent rise on the cost of living and hyper inflation, witnessed daily on the cost of commodities, which have rendered the Nigeria people helpless and suffering amidst  joblessness, insecurity, kidnapping.  

 ‘in todays Nigeria, you walk to a shop for instance the price of a cup of coffee is N 200  by   tomorrow it will rise to N 300  next  tommorrow N 500, you begin to wonder how come, making the value of naira to be valueless  and the cost of living difficult for the average Nigerian’.  

Professor Rufai Alkali who called on Nigerians to vote for NNPP at all levels, disclosed that their political party have come to rescue Nigeria from the precipice of maladministration and collapse. 

He maintained that one of the failure of the economy whereby a dollar to naira is rising up to N 600 to a dollar was the drift of foreign investors who fled the nation as a result of insecurity orchestrated by constant kidnapping from the bandits, boko haram ,collapse in the education sector of the economy.  

He frowned on the ways whereby groups of people hoist flags, declaration of sovereignty at the United Nations  building strong military base and armies.   

He asked rhetorically is this the democracy we advocated for?.this action signifys a failed governance.   

He said his Excellency Rabiu Musa kwankwaso who transformed  his group to a National movement collapsed the movement to fuse with NNPP with the purpose of saving our democracy from undue collapse.  

“As we go towards 2023 election and the time we form this group we realise that political party is essential, we look at the situation we went to the existing political party NNPP, that is how we merged with NNPP in early march 2022” 

Meanwhile the National leader of NNPP His Excellency Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso have called for the registration of more Nigerians at the grassroot into the party ahead of the 2023 general elections. 

He maintained that, the party would produce leaders with empathy to rule Nigeria to secure it and ensure national prosperity. 

He said: “What remains is for all of us to go back to the grassroots, our states and local governments to register ourselves and families and to tell all Nigerians to register with NNPP. 

“We are all aware that the people are tired of the APC and PDP and that was why previous elections recorded low voter turnout. We thank God that we have fresh air for a better new Nigeria. People are tired and want change and the NNPP is the fresh air that can do it.” 

He also berated the present administration for failing to tackle insecurity lamenting the recent train attack in Kaduna, leading to the killing, injury and kidnapping of passengers. 

He urged Nigerians to see the NNPP as the credible option to provide good leadership for Nigeria.

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