On Saturday 12th December His Royal Highness(HRH) Igwe Celestine Chukwubuike Mbah  (Ohiaduru) shall be coronated as the  Eze Igbo Keffi.

Business Moguls,Captain of Industries, Ohanaeze Ndi-Igbo Southeast politicians and so many personalities from all walks of life are expected to grace the occasion at the Cosmopolitan city of Keffi.

Recall that Keffi town is an old cosmopolitan city founded by Usman Danfodio nearly 300 years ago. Keffi have grown from strength to strength, it is a town close to Abuja, Infact a country side of the federal capital territory, though situated in Nasarawa state, so many Nigerians and foreigners  live in Keffi and goes to Abuja for work on daily basis.

In the past years the stool of Eze Igbo have been in a serious tussle until amicable resolution was restored.

HRH Eze Igbo keffi, Igwe Celestine  chukwuebuike Mbah is a merchant in pharmaceuticals, a dispenser and seller  of pharmaceutical drugs, until in a unanimous resolution he was selected to become the Eze Igbo keffi by the entire Igbo speaking states of the federal republic of Nigeria.

He said, he will vigorously pursue peace, he would restore peace amongst the warring factions, since peace is paramount to a meaningful progress and development.  

He said Ndigbo lost out peace and have been in several factions, a situation whereby brothers rose up against brothers,which resorted into flotillas of  litigations in an unending war towards Ezeship is uncalled for, it is a retardation of progress, prosperity and peace he maintained.

“We left our various communities and found ourselves in keffi  to look for what to eat, we have not come to Keffi for war, therefore peace is paramount to our wellbeing”

HRH Igwe Celestine  Mbah said he is honoured by the high acceptablity he received from the five south east states and the Igbo speaking states of Delta and Rivers state which shows that Ndigbo have come together speaking in one voice to choose him as their Eze Igbo in Keffi.

He said his ascension as Eze Igbo is a divine one because Pastors, clergy men, Rev. Fathers endorsed him as the David of the Igbos in Keffi.

 commenting on his relationship with the Emir and the people of keffi.he said he and the Igbos enjoys cordial relationship with the Emirate council, the Yoruba’s, the Eggons  the madas and other non-Igbos resident in Keffi.

Sometimes ago he narrated about a land case involving a widow with an indigene of keffi, which was taken to the Emir it was resolved and she recovered the said land.

On tenureship of the Igweship he said it has no tenure, the Igwe ceases to be, through death, resignation or turbulence which will not occur in his regn excerpt the one approved by God Almighty.

Igwe Celestine  Mbah said he would ensure that Igbo youths are duly given admission and employment when and where necessary.

Disputes shall be amicably be resolved. No Igbo man will take each other to court he emphasized.

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