My herbs cures Hiv, corona virus

—-Dr. Yohanna A. Yako

A Herbal Medical Doctor in Nakuse town in Nasarawa State Dr. Yohanna A. Yako said his herbal research plants medicine is capable of curing corona virus and related coughs and lungs ill health.

Dr. Yohanna Yako a star Awardee of this year’s Nigerian renaissance forum Canada Awards.

 Making this assertion in his hospital at nakuse, in TOTO Local government of Nasarawa state opined that  his research which he assessed through the elders of their land, who are deep  in local herbs, stated that with the congloromerate mixture of herbs will  definitely stop constant vomiting and coughing on a person, high fever shall be restored to  normalcy if  the rightful herbs in his possession is administered to a patient and the person will get well he emphasized.

 Dr. Yohanna Yako said in the past yesteryears he developed a herb on the cure of Hiv/Aids which was proven by the various teaching hospitals, research institute within Abuja.

“I developed my herbal prowess from my elders, through questions and particular trees, plants that could be used to cure a particular ailment”.

Today looking at the research on my herbs, I am able to found the cure for stroke, diabetics, typhoid, malaria, hepatitis, Hiv/Aids and currently corona virus.

Dr. Yohanna Yako is a graduate of college of Agriculture Lafia where he obtained HND in agriculture extension management.

He is a Gbagyl by tribe, he has livestock farm, following the constant attack of  his livestock farm by cow rustlers he rested it down.

He informed that  in 2014 he carried  out a research on Hiv/Aids medicine, he took the herbs to the federal research institute Shada  at Kwali, after their analysis the research institute said it was good. Three of their staff were treated and set free from Hiv/Aids they are still alive today and the research institute said everything was okay.

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