Muslim faithfuls has been admonished to exhibit good leadership

Muslim faithfuls entrusted with the leadership positions have been admonished to always exhibit good leadership qualities that would portray  them as true and active believers who are ready to serve and please both their creator and humanity in general. 

Delivering a paper titled “Islamic perspective of good governance at the 10th annual Ramadan symposium organised by the Muslim Ummah of the Nasarawa state’s university keffi at the 1000 seat Auditorium on sunday, Dr Bashir Ahmad Yankuzo the chief Iman of the federal university Minna stressed the need for the demonstration of sincerity, patience, sacrifice,care,time,consciousness,doing away with luxuries and not too important things but instead pay attention to vital needs. 

He stated that in order to develop the fear of God which is vital key for the provision of good governance, they should always remember their creator, learn more about him,repent and fast often as well as remember death and work to increase thier good deeds while decreasing their sins.

Yankuzo who believed that for good governance  to prevail in our society, there is an urgent need for orientation among our youths and the vast majority of the Muslim community to appreciate the true teachings and meaning of Islam as regards to the creation adding that the need to build a strong family were children would grow  understanding and uphold good moral values. 

Given the concept  of good governance Dr .Yankuzo explained that it has eight characteristics that includes participating, responsive, effective and efficient, equitable, inclusive as well as follows the rule of law adding that its ensures that corruption is minimized, the views of minorities are  taken into account and that the voices of the most valuables in the society are heared in the decision making process. 

“in addition to the above characteristics good governance in Islam entails relating everything to Allah who is the creator and the owner  of the world “he maintained 

The chief Iman stated that in managing the affairs of people, Islam considers all human beings as noble creatures that deserves fair treatment saying that in Islam the difference of race,colour or social stutus are supplementary as they do not affect the true standing of man in the vision of Allah. 

Earlier in his welcome speech the chairman of the organising committee Dr Abdulwahab Elesin stated that the purpose of organising the annual Ramadan lecture os to awaken the Muslim community about the significance of fasting that seeks to inculcates good moral values, instill the fear of God, charity and make the acts of worship acceptable. 

He then expressed his gratitude to all those contributed in one way or the other in making the exercise a successful one.

He reports that other speakers at the symposium includes the vice chancellor of the Nasarawa state’s and federal universities Lafia, former vice chancellor professor Mohammed Mainoma,Barrister Hassan  liman SAN among other.

 He then expressed his gratitude to all those contributed in one way or the other in making the exercise a successful one.

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