By Isaac Money, Yenagoa .

When the ‘Miracle’governor Douye Diri-led prosperity administration came on board February 14th 2020, lots of challenges hampered his immediate take off. 

The challenges came from different angles including natural and man made factors  ranging from series of litigations to  inheriting an almost empty treasury which resulted in his inability to take off as expected of any new administration on board. 

The situation was further worsened by the prevailing COVID-19 Pandemic, and later the natural flood that ravaged most parts of the state .

The plethora of challenges made the miracle administration  hopeless as several urgly adjectives were used to qualify the man at the helm of affairs .But as the governor’s name implied in the Izon palance  -Douye( Search)  Diri ( Medicine) continued to “Search for medicine” or solutions to bail himself and the administration out of the then  prevailing awkward atmosphere.

Not until December 2020, Douye Diri, like a cat with nine lives fought  like a wondered lion through the courts  and won  the plethora of  litigations and  he breath a sigh of relief.  

However the ugly scenario continued unabated  till the year 2021  was ushered in when some funds came in to salvage the hitherto hopeless situation. And from January 2021 the hitherto dormant governor, as. His critics would says, started hitting the grounds , making the state a construction site . 

But before then, in the midst the low finances he had vowed to ensure the constant payment of Pensioners gratuities as he sets aside 500 million every month; and Civil servants   also laughed to the banks every month end since the miracle administration came on board.

A lot of people on the other side had doubted if there would be any achievement as  the administration clocks one year. But he did not only surprised his doubters as he literally shamed them when he turned most parts of the state capital into massive construction site.

The hitherto rowdy and criminals infested popular Tombia roundabout is now a major cynosure of the eyes as its now being turned into a decent, responsible entry  point to the state Capital as sparkling packs are sprouting up from the area.

The twenty two kilometer  ring road from AIT roundabout linking Igbogene , abandoned by the immediate past administration is now under construction as contractor has been mobilized to site.  It has been reawarded at the cost N22billion 

The Ayama -Oporoma road leading to the creeks of Southern Ijaw is also in progress has been mobilized to site .

Several projects were not only being awarded and work kick started but commissioned too as witnessed by  the one year anniversary celebrations. The projects commissioned included  a state-of-the-art automated incinerator at the Bayelsa Medical University (BMU) complex, a 50-bed referral hospital at Kaiama in Kolokuma/Opokuma Local Government Area and a bridge at Imiringi community in Ogbia Local Government Area. The bridge was destroyed by flood in 2012.

While addressing media executives shortly before the anniversary celebrations, governor  Diri who lamented the drastic drop in revenue  of the state as a result of the of COVID -19 pandamic however informed that despite the situation he upgraded moneys for the payment of pensioners to 500 million; while he also set aside one billion Naira for the rehabilitation of internal roads.

 Besides the mobilization to site of contractor for construction of the 22 km road, contract for the award of the glory Land drive  from the Ecumenical center  to terminate at the Tombia road  has also been awarded, the governor further disclosed.

 Expressing his administration’s desire to ensure human capacity building , governor Diri disclosed that his prosperity administration will embark on the construction of  one technical school in each of the eight Local Government Areas of the state to boost vocational education.

“We can build all the bridges but without Human development ….Your governor is having a shift in educational policies. Vocational education to be revived in the state. To set up at list one Technical school in each LGA of the state” said governor Diri who further announced that his government has overcome  most challenges, and so it will now  embark on developmental drive of the state. “Your government  is now standing on two legs not on one leg…..

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