Engr. THEO UBANI JOINS THE RACE TO CONTEST Bende Federal House of Representatives come 2023.

Purchases form.

Engr. Theophilus Onyekwere Ubani has Joined the Race for the Bende Federal House of Representatives Constituency Seat, as he buys both the Expression of Interest and Nomination Forms in Abuja to the admiration and ovation of teeming constituents, Supporters and Bende Federal Major Political Stakeholders who thronged in their numbers to witness the Major Political Stride expected to yield more effective representation of the Federal Constituency by a man with uncommon, renown in competences and abounding Goodwill.

 Elder Ekekwe Egu who led the Team and large delegation to purchase the Forms at the International Conference Center, Abuja, was all so joyous and elated that the people of Bende Federal Constituency would be having Engr. Onyekwere ubani in the Green Chamber of the National Assembly, as their Representative come 2023. Leader of the Delegation of Bende major political stakeholders,Elder Ekekwe Egu Said the Pedigree of Engr.Theo Ubani is highly outstanding in ICT,Development Prowess,Real Estate,Engineering,Construction and Administrative Competence.

“Following political Indices and permutations Engr.Theo Ubani deserves a shot to govern Abia State Elder Egu stated, disclosing that even in the Gubernatorial Constituency, the people of Abia State have yearned to have Onyekwere as Governor but given the present zoning of the guber Seat in the State political calculations have informed the decision of Stakeholders and Constituents supporting their illustrious Engineer, a Bende Son for the Federal Constituency Seat 2023”

. In his Words,”My name is Elder Ekekwe Egu. I am standing in for Engr. Theophilus Onyekwere ubani who is running for the Federal House of Representatives, Bende Federal Constituency Seat, Abia State. He is not available right now but would be available in the next 24 hours. We wanted to beat time. We have today bought the Form, Expression of Interest and Nomination and the Race has just started”.

Elder Ekekwe Egu who spoke on the  Personality of  Engr.onyekwere said he is a Chattered Metallurgical and Material science Engineer London based, Dubai based, Nigerian based, homegrown though He is into project management Consultancy. He is a graduate of  Federal Polytechnic Nekede  as it was known yesteryears as the then college of Technology in 1988 with HND and the best result in Metallurgical and the whole of Engineering. He went to Aberdeen and made his marks and had his B.Sc and worked in all facade of Engineering in London. In the UnitedKingdom he had made so much progress that he had so many Awards credited to his honour he stated.

“ I cannot begin to mention all of them. He has been here often and back home to put in an experience that has spanned over 34 years In ICT, in Media, in Project Management, in Engineering to see how he can use it to develop the nation, We were thinking he would start as a governor from Abia North where he came from”.

Elder Ekekwe Egu who called on the well performng incumbent in the Bende Federal house of Representative urge him to seek  Promotion to the Senate seat as he deserves it.

He Maintained that the Senate Seat in their area is now open to contestation, given the fact that the incumbent Senator is already in the Race for the Presidency.

  Elder Ekekwe expressed deep optimism that his associate of over fifty years Engr. Theophilus Onyekwere Ubani shall Represent Bende Federal House of Representative Better and settle down to restructure the Change Nigerians yearn to see.

 Engr.Onyekwere Ubani is contesting under the platform of ALL PROGRESSIVE CONGRESS(APC) Elder Ekekwe therefore called  on Constituents to support Engr. Onyekwere  Ubani unto total victory at the polls and look forward to more effective representation from 2023.  

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