‘Dubious publication against my person, my stand’ – NRI PG

My attention has been drawn to a publication being circulated on social media against my person, saying that I was involved in an amorous relationship with my supposed 11 year old niece.

Ordinarily such publication would not have earned my attention considering how empty and false it was, however, it is important to dismiss such false allegation for the sake of posterity.

The unintelligent, malicious and mischievous write up which came up few days after I made it clear that Nri Kingdom does not have a recognized Regent and that the self acclaimed Regent, Prince Ikenna Onyesoh does not have the authority to issue Ofo or traditional titles to people in the name of the community, further affirms my position that our community is too big to be held under siege by few elements who believe they can drown the image of our town because of their lust for power and material gains.

Ndi Igbo Si Na Okenye Anaghi Ano Na uno Ewu AMuo Na Ogbili! As the President General of Nri Kingdom, I am duty bound to protect the image and interest of our community without fear or favour particularly now that Eze Nri has gone on a long travel.

It is important to state that the dubious write up which was published through a faceless facebook page “Black Street Blog” has no iota of truth in it. An intelligent mind would wonder why such confession would be made against me, stating that a supposed step brother and cousin of mine were equally involved and a faceless social media platform became the means of addressing such weighty allegation without any trace of involving the police who has a statutory function to investigate such matter.

It is important to note that towards the end of my first tenure, I was unanimously re-elected as the President General on the basis of character, performance and track record. I remain committed to living up to the expectations of our people who entrusted me with their votes, giving me the mandate to protect and defend the interest of our community.

It is quite unfortunate that the same set of persons who authored the false and mischievous story were at my house few nights ago shooting sporadic gunshots just to threaten my life.

Let me state this clearly, the seat of Eze Nri is sacred, historic and ancestral. Just like the position of PG, the seat of Eze Nri or A Regent can only be earned through legitimate means. No amount of intimidation or mischievous publication can wash this truth away. The self acclaimed Regent of Nri was not appointed by the Nzemabuo/Orunzenino (Council of Chiefs)who are statutorily empowered to appoint a Regent when Eze Nri embarks on long travel. The public is therefore advised not to give any credence whatsoever to Prince Ikenna Onyesoh who as at today does have the support of any of the traditional authorities in Nri Kingdom.

While I call on our people home and abroad to pay zero attention the machinations of detractors, it is my hope that our Unified Ịgụ Arọ Ndị Igbo cultural festival which is coming up on the 20th of February, 2021 will once again avail the public the opportunity to witness the rich cultural heritage of our ancestral kingdom. I shall continue to use my position as President General to engender progress, unity, equity, peace and development in Nri Kingdom.

God bless the Ancient Nri Kingdom.


Chief Dr Kelvin Obiegbunam
(Oba Ochendo)
President General, Nri Kingdom

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