Blood Cancer Expert Dr, Ukoma Chikadibia have enjoined Nigerians to cultivate life longevity by embarking on constant medical check-ups.

Making this Clarion call in keffi Nasarawa state during the World Cancer Celebration Day opined that

When people come to the hospital at the early stage of cancer, the disease is easier to maintain than when it has reached advanced stage.

The World Cancer Day celebration in keffi was organized by, LEUKAMIA CAREPLUS INITIATIVE IN COLLABORATION WITH NIGERIA CANCER SOCIETY Nasarawa State Palliative Care Group FMC KEFFI,Partnering with the NATIONAL YOUTH SERVICE CORP with the Theme IAM AND I WILL.

He appealed that the government at all levels should  invest and support NGO’s like  LEUKAEMIA CAREPLUS INITIATIVE who are out there creating awareness on cancer to the masses. , He called on the government to key into his cancer programme and support them to do more in creating awareness so that people can know more about blood Cancer of leukemia.

Dr. Ukoma Chikadibia said so far the response in Nasarawa state has been quite encouraging and hoping to do more so that people can seek early treatment, because when it advances there’s nothing they can do about it.

He informed that his NGO is collaborating with the state commissioner of health and the ministry of health,to see a way whereby  primary health centers in the state could reach out to those in the rural areas,for  them to know that CANCER disease is not from witchcraft.

This will help people to begin to come to the hospital as soon as they see those signs and symptoms of CANCER that comes as Malaria or typhoid. 

Explaining further on challenges they face with patients, especially those in the rural areas who  are diagnosed with cancer,often  conclude that it doesn’t have medical cure, they will then decide to seek alternative cure, this is the type of awareness we are trying to create that cancer is a health condition it’s a medical condition, they can be able to get treatment in hospitals. Many of them who left hospital to the so called alternative care die before they even get treatment he stated.

“We are appealing to people that when you have any signs and symptoms, related to cancer quickly go to the nearest hospital, for proper diagnosis and treatment”.

“So many other conditions like malaria, typhoid, infections, cough,weakness so on and so forth. So many people begin to treat typhoid and malaria not knowing that what is really affecting them is blood cancer. Blood cancer is there and we are trying to create awareness so that people can know that they can be able to seek early treatment and investigation, so that people can be able to seek out how to prevent blood cancer.”

The world cancer day witnessed a walk against cancer round the keffi town by so many corp members.

He called on the government to be more involved in creating awareness. As one of the speakers said the best way of tackling cancer is to prevent the disease before it even starts. So creating awareness is very important if they are going to catch them early. We also encourage the government to invest in awareness creation for a disease like cancer

Dr.ukoma chikadibia said the causes of blood cancer are still generally unclear but are known to arise due to damage to the genes of the immature stem cells of the bone marrow,such DNA damage can be caused by radiation energies(xrays),exposure to petrochemicals and pesticides.other causes include very strong chemotherapy drugs,some viral infection and some congenital malformations.


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